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December 13, 2018

Spiced Holiday Cider Type Beverage Reduced Carb

There are two options that are really tasty. To spice the drinks  I used a mulling spices in a tea bag I found at Trader Joes. You use one tea bag per 8 ounces of beverage.

Option 1:

1 part sucralose  sweetened tea, 1 part 50%/Light   Cranberry Juice (Great Value Brand, it's sweetened with sucralose and other juices), and one mulling spice bag per 8 ounces liquid. Steep 5 mins.

Option 2:

One part unsweetened tea, one part 50%/Light Cranberry Juice and two parts prepared  Crystal Light Peach Mango Green tea, and one mulling spice bag per 8 ounces liquid. Steep 5 mins.

Note: I find the Crystal Light Peach Mango Green tea to be very sweet, hence I use unsweet tea. You may prefer it sweeter than I do, if so, use sweet tea.

If you can't find the mulling spices tea bags, you can use your own spice mixture and strain it. The bags I found at TJ's had cinnamon, clovers, ginger, orange peel and lemon peel. It looked like a powder in the bag.

There are commercially prepared mulling spice powdered mixtures but they are all sweetened with either sugar or other sweeteners. The amount needed to spice the beverage makes it too sweet for my taste, hence I prefer my mulling spices to have no kind of sweetener in them.
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