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December 5, 2018

Holiday Roll Up

You will need: Cream cheese, Ranch salad dressing (not the dry stuff in a packet, the bottled kind), grated Colby Jack cheese, bacon bits, a dash of tobacco,  and flour tortillas.

Or you can use this to fill small bell peppers or celery if you want to limit carbs.

Alternatively you could make it into a cheese spread for  crackers or as a dip for celery. If it's too thick thin it with a bit of milk or preferably cream. Don't add more ranch, it may make it too salty.

I like it best rolled up in a tortilla and sliced.

Method: to softened cream cheese add enough Ranch salad dressing to flavor the cream cheese and soften it, making it easy to spread. You don't want it runny so don't add too much. To this, add the grated cheese and bacon bits. That's it.

Spread this onto the tortilla, and roll it up, Wrap in plastic wrap and chill for a couple of hours or longer, if you plan on slicing it. Alternatively, if you wish to eat it right away, skip the chilling  and slicing process.

For vegetarians you might try replacing the bacon with imitation bacon.

 For pescatarians try some  chopped shrimp, adding a bit of liquid smoke for a bit of smokiness

Not a fan of bacon? Ham might be a good sub for the bacon.  And chicken, might work too; again I'd add a bit of liquid smoke with the chicken.

When ready to serve, if slicing, place on a festive platter or tray.

I found that the Ranch salad dressing added plenty of salt and flavor, so taste before you add salt or other seasonings.

The beauty of this recipe, if you can even call it that, is that it's easy to make with stuff you probably have on hand.


Note: you might make it into a cheese ball but if you do I suggest using the dry ranch seasoning so it will form a nice ball. It may be too loose with the prepared Ranch salad dressing.
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