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July 28, 2010

Fake Milk

A lot of people use fake milk because they can't drink cow's milk and other animal milks--the secretions of their mammary glands-- are not easy to find.

I use the fake stuff--almond milk--because it is low in calories, carbs and fat.

But the fake stuff comes with a price--a high price.  Per gallon I'm spending over $8 for a gallon of the stuff.

Hence, I've decided I'll make my own fake milk and save myself a bundle of money.  After all--almond milk is almonds soaked in water.  The liquid is called milk.  Milk of the almond.  Soy milk is made similarly.  Soy beans are soaked and processed and the resultant liquid as well is called milk.

How will I do this you ask?  Well, it's simple...a first grader could do it.

I'm going to take cows milk...skim milk, or whatever I have on hand...and add....WATER.  Yep.  Water.  Equal parts of water and milk will yield one cup of fake milk.  Using skim that translates into 40 calories, zero fat and 6 grams of carb.  And the cost?  A dollar fifty per gallon.

While in TX recently I only had access to whole cows milk.  That's a whole lotta calories on my cereal in comparison to the almond milk I normally use.  So I thought 'shoot'...I'll water it down.  And guess what?...it tasted great.  As good as the almond milk for sure.

By the way, if you like your fake milk flavored like the vanilla soy and almond milks, easy peasy--add some vanilla.  And if you want it sweetened--the fake milks come sweetened and unsweetened--you can add sweetener too.

Save all around.  Make your own fake milk,  You 'll also eliminate the necessity of having 2 or more kinds of cows milk in your fridge.  You can adjust the amount of water you add to get the ratios you prefer.
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