" For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. " Song of Solomon

October 24, 2012

DECISION TIME: Joe Biden Has Given You the Most Compelling Reason to Vote for Mitt Romney

From his own mouth "I always say what I mean" vice-president Joe Biden uttered these words for all the world to hear : "the middle class has been buried these last four years"---the period of time President Obama has been in office.

I've learned over the years that everything rises and falls on leadership.

President Obama's leadership has failed us.

We have millions of people unemployed or underemployed.

And instead of owning up to his own failings, he blames it on the previous administration.

He plays politics and caters to the unions to get their support.

He has been catering to minority groups to get their support.

 And the rest of us have been thrown under the bus.

Buried.  Unable to dig ourselves out.

The President tells us he cares about us and will fight for us.  He appeals to our emotions.

And too many Americans get amnesia when they become emotional.  Truth falls by the wayside.

Caring is not enough. 

There has to be a plan--a plan that will work.

We've had 4 years of failed plans and policies.

Mitt Romney has told us he would reduce the deficit by lowering taxes, decreasing spending, and eliminating some of the tax deductions. 

And he thinks more power should be returned to the states, which is as it should be.

We do not need an intrusive giant federal bureaucracy controlling our day to day lives like a Papa making all the children share by redistributing the wealth of hard working Americans who have a right to voluntarily share their wealth through charitable giving instead of having it seized through burdensome taxation.

We need a safe country with opportunity and justice for ALL Americans, not just a chosen few. 

So that we may pursue those inalienable rights endowed by our Creator:  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And for the record:  why should wealthy Americans have to pay more in taxes than the rest of us?

Do they get special roads to travel on?  Or extra privileges at our national parks?  Do they get special protection from our military?

No they don't.  They get the same as the rest of us, but are expected to pay more for those services.

How is that just?

To all those Americans who cry foul and say the rich should pay their fair share; should be willing to give a little more, I say "that's a bunch of huey".

Their money is their own, just like mine is my own.

My lot in life is what it is.  We are all given the same opportunity in America and some do better than others.

Back in the day kids used to be told 'that's the way the cookie crumbles' or 'that's the way the ball bounces' and were expected to suck it up and move on, to make our own 'luck'.

But now-a-days all the little 'cry-babies' run to government like petulant children saying 'why does he have more toys than I do?" and then sit back with a big smug smile while government gives it to him, taking it away from the other, forgetting that what goes around comes around.

Forgetting that 'what the government gives it can also take away".

The problem with redistribution of wealth is that you soon run out of other people's money, and then what?

It's not a good plan, never has been a good plan and our founding fathers knew that fact when they framed our government.

Don't you think it's time to get back to basics?
Don't you think it's time for a change?

"....there have been many times when I have shed bitter tears, when if I had understood the situation better, I would have celebrated my good luck instead."


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