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November 9, 2011

Have You Heard?

The woman who alleged Cain harassed her--Karen Kraushaar-- and left under a paid agreement, also filed a complaint in her next job.

Doesn't this throw up a red flag?

If it doesn't it should.

This important fact was reported on the morning news--barely. And it's being almost totally discounted and ignored.

In my mind this woman is lacking credibility.

Or is this just some pitiful victim who has bad luck on every job she goes to?

I have not believed the complaints against Cain and I still do not believe them.

The latest accuser--Susan Bialek-- was laughing and giddy like a school girl in the spot light--IMO-- when she was making her claim public.

Surely the occasion demands somberness at the very least? If women want others to take sexual harassment seriously they must behave accordingly.

Her demeanor and the way she 'read' her statement causes me to seriously question her credibility.

At the very least Herman Cain deserves fairness, and until he has been proven guilty he is innocent.

These women have accused him. It falls to them to prove their claims. IMO they have not done that. And until they do I will pay them no mind.

And their desire to gather and discuss it publicly as a group?!!  Give me a break.  That would be nothing more than a kangaroo court.  Or a modern day lynching.

If that happens, and I were Herman Cain, I'd be playing the race card.

We should all be outraged that so much is being made of a serious matter with so little evidence or justification.

If and when there is some credible proof and witnesses against Herman Cain, then and only then will I listen seriously.

If you want to read the details of Karen Kraushaar's 2nd complaint go to this link:


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