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August 17, 2011

Great Craft Tip: Dealing With The Pesky Hot Glue Gun Issue

Not the one where you burn yourself.  The 'fix' for that is low melt glue.

But the one where your gun keeps falling over, sliding off the table because of the weight of the cord. (Yes, there are cordless ones if you don't mind buying something new and adding one more thing to the heap 'o trash we have from excessive consumerism in this country or having to use batteries instead of electric.)

All you need is a picture frame with glass--picture is optional.  Find one around your house or check out the thrift stores.  Or hit the dollar store if all else fails.

Use the picture frame as your glue gun mat.  The glass will take the heat and the glue drips...and the rim/lip/edge of the frame will keep your gun from being pulled to the floor. 

If the frame is large enough you can use it as a tray and keep your glue gun and extra glue sticks at the ready--just whip out the tray--all ready to go. 

My frame has a cute vintage postcard, so not only is it functional, but it's fun too.

Also, I find that the dried glue, once set/cooled, wipes off easily with a baby wipe, should you need to clean up the glue accumulation. 

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