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August 24, 2010

Another Pound Lost and Sometimes Simple is Best: Strawberries

 Another Pound Lost

Weigh in today revealed--ta da--I've lost another pound, totaling 21.  Nine more to go and I'll hit 30 which I think is where I want to stay put.

How will I maintain?  By doing exactly what I have been doing thus far.  I love my new way of eating.  It makes sense and it fits the way I live.  The foods I eat are foods I really love .  And I never go hungry like I did on Weight Watchers.

Key for me is eating small amounts often.  If you've been struggling, try eating smaller amounts every three hours or so.  Instead of eating 3 times a day, eat 6.  I used to think snacking was a bad habit to get into.  But planned snacks designed to meet your nutritional needs as well as the desires of your appetite are beneficial.

Assign a set amount of calories per meal and per snack.  Don't obsess but do try to stay close to that number.  In a day's time a 5% overage won't do much damage...but 10% might.  



Having a sweet tooth I need a fix everyday.  When fruit can fill that need, all the better.

This summer strawberries have been abundant, low cost and flavorful.  Still on sale  here, so I bought some, wondering how they'd taste this late in the season.  (They weren't local, from California.)

Wow.  Sliced with a sprinkle of sugar, they were incredible.  But I wanted to add a little something.  No shortcake on hand, no vanilla ice cream either.  Not in the mood for fat free Cool Whip on them--these days I'm eating my CW with coffee powder and Heath mini's added.

Enter the light sour cream.  Oh my goodness!  Wonderful pairing.  I ate a full cup I'm sure of berries with a tablespoon of light sour cream.  I must say, that  tasted better to me than the other options because the good taste of the berries came through.

Give it a try.  A big serving of wonderful fruit and a decadent tasting dessert, all in one.  What's not to like?

Note:  I let my berries sit on the counter about half an hour to take the chill off--I think the flavor is more prominent when they are warmish.  Sort of  like cheese--most cheeses taste better if they are room temp.
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