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May 24, 2010

Knock Off Laughing Cow Light Cheese

 Edit:  I tried this using all fat free cream cheese.  With the fat free cream cheese I added a small portion of low fat buttery spread to give it the color of LCL and to add another layer of flavor.  The result was really good--my husband who is not a fan of anything fat free or very low fat liked this spread. This yielded an even lower fat/lower calorie spread.

If you like LCL cheese but don't like the price try this version.  My favorite is the French Onion.  Here is my knockoff.  Everything is to taste.

You will need:

  • reduced fat cream cheese
  • beef bouillon powder
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
Begin by softening the cream cheese.  Next add beef bouillon powder.  This is salty so season accordingly.  Now add a generous amount of onion powder, since this is a French Onion knock off.  Finally add a little garlic powder.  Mix well to incorporate the seasoning.


One ounce of reduced fat cream cheese, also called Neufchatel, has 70 calories.  Two tablespoons make an ounce so you'll end up with 35 calories per tablespoon.  A wedge of LCL is a about teaspoon more than a tablespoon.

You could reduce the fat grams by adding part or  all fat free cream cheese.

You probably have the seasonings in your pantry.  The block of cheese which is 8 ounces will cost around $1.25 plus tax.  The LCL cheese is 6 ounces and is $3 plus tax where I shop.  You can save about > 50% making your own version.

Note:  I might try adding a little fat free or low fat buttery spread with the cream cheese to get the consistency and color of the LCL cheese.
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