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March 3, 2010

Practical Wedding or College Graduation Gift

Instead of the typical gifts give the college grad--who will likely be setting up housekeeping-- or the bride and groom the following items packaged together.  I doubt they will get duplicates, feel the need to return them, or find they don't fit with their sense of style.

Buy a nice heating pad.  Place it in a clear plastic zippered bag along with a 6 ft drop cord.  (Why a clear bag?--so the contents can be easily seen--you don't want to have to search for the heating pad when you are in pain.) Also pick up a digital thermometer plus the disposable thermometer covers; some waterproof band-aides; and a bottle of Nu-skin.  Place all these items in a gift bag or basket.

You'll find this to be a reasonably priced gift and thoroughly appreciated.  Practical, functional and a genuine comfort at some point in the future.  And including the drop cord with the heating pad is genius.  Why? It won't be a  problem reaching an electric outlet, and no searching for a drop cord when you are in pain because it's right there with the heating pad.  And the Nu-skin and waterproof band-aides?  They are indispensable when you cut yourself while cooking.

My heating pad was a gift back in the day.  Over the years it has been used multiple times by the whole family.  It has brought us relief when we were in pain.  It is not the kind of thing you think of buying until you are in need of it.  Nor is the Nu-skin and waterproof band-aides--usually you'll cut yourself at the most inopportune time and the waterproof coverings are a lifesaver.
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