" For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. " Song of Solomon

January 4, 2008

This and That

To save a few calories when I prefer butter, I use 2 tsp. to replace a tablespoon...the same with mayonnaise. When I'm using a butter flavored spread for toast, I let the toast cool a bit so the spread doesn't melt...the toast stays crisp instead of being soggy wet. If I'm wanting toast with butter and jam, I toast the bread, add the jam, then I use a butter flavored spray on top of the jam. I get the flavor and it looks like it's dripping in butter and no soggy toast.
When I get a craving for something salty and hot with soft "chew" I eat chicken noodle soup or chicken broth with crackers...the crackers soak up the broth providing the soft chew and the soup is filling and the calorie count is lower than pizza.
I currently satisfy my sweet crunchy "chew" cravings with what I call chocolate snowflakes. Nothing fancy, but a lot of satisfaction for me. I melt a half an ounce of unsweetened chocolate in a small bowl in the microwave, then I add one ounce of plain bran flakes, stir to coat with chocolate---it won't be covered---then I sprinkle with granular Splenda. I have flakes of cereal with a white granular coating, hence I dubbed them snowflakes.
When I want hot cookies I eat instead 2 toaster waffles--the low fat ones that are 70 calories each. After I toast them I spray them with a buttery spray, drizzle with the tiniest bit of honey and sprinkle with granular Splenda---the honey makes it stick. And sometimes I add a good sprinkle of cinnamon.
When I want a poached egg for breakfast instead of boiling a pan of water adding vinegar and then the egg, I take a small custard dish, add 2 tsp. of water, then an egg which I prick with a toothpick---both the yolk and the white. I microwave it for 55 seconds at a 60% power level. My microwave is 700 watts. You can cook the egg longer until it is hard cooked for egg salad. I lift the egg up with a slotted spoon and pour the water off and eat it right from the custard dish. If I'm making egg salad I put the egg on a paper towel and pat it dry.
"....there have been many times when I have shed bitter tears, when if I had understood the situation better, I would have celebrated my good luck instead."


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