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November 3, 2007

My Favorite New Toy

I'm not huge on kitchen gadgets. But this current one is the best fun. It's the Aerolatte battery operated milk frother.

Generally I like my coffee with half and half...I just don't like it with milk unless it's part of a latte or cappuccino...but froth some milk and put it on top of some good black coffee, give it sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of Splenda granules and you've got yourself a winner and a special treat...at least it feels like a treat to me.

I found this goodie, which comes with it's own carrying case, at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $19.95 plus tax. If you watch you can often find a coupon for BB&B for 20% off which saves almost $4.00.

The frother uses 2 AA batteries, which are included and the information states they will last for 150 uses, which is about 5 months if used daily. Not too shabby and you won't spend a fortune on batteries.

I have a frother that is the pump type, but by the time you wash the thing you've washed the pump, the glass container, and the lid, and all by hand...so not worth the bother for one cup of coffee. But clean up with the automatic frother is just a matter of giving it a whirl under some running water, and then a whirl to shed the water to facilitate drying. When dry, pop it into it's case and stick in a drawer until next time.

It is so unlike me to buy something so totally frivolous that costs more than a couple dollars...this was a splurge for me, given my frugality. But worth every penny. If you'd like more information go to the product website here.
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