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November 19, 2007

Almond Breeze

I just wanted to share this find with you. I've known about it for a couple years, even tried it, just never used it much until recently. Not only is it low calorie it is also low carb...and I think it tastes great on cereal...a whole cup is only 40 calories for the unsweetened vanilla, which is the one I use, and the carb count is 2 grams per cup with 1 gram of fiber and 1 gram of protein. From a nutritional standpoint it is a good source of vitamin E (50% DV) and potassium (190 mg). It also provides 20% DV of calcium, 25% DV of vitamin D and some additional nutrients...also it has no cholesterol. I'd say it's a good all around bargain considering the low carb, low calories it contains. I paid $2.29 plus tax for a quart of it at Krogers.

Being a cancer survivor whose cancer was dependent upon estrogen and on the advice of my oncologist I avoid the soy milk that is so popular today.

I save a lot of calories using the Almond Breeze on my cereal and get my dairy from yogurt and cheese. The Almond Breeze is also good in smoothies.
If you'd like more product information you can check it out here .
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