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September 26, 2007

Easy Food Journaling

When I'm trying to lose weight I find it a good idea to keep a food journal. Generally I record my food intake in a notebook or sheet of paper. But I discovered and easier method.

I simply keep it on my computer desktop/screen. Just right click an empty space on your computer desktop/screen. Click new, then choose one of the text options. I chose the regular text option. It has a virtual date and time "stamp". From the opened notepad, click edit and choose date/time.

I type in each food and the calorie content. If I need any calorie information it is a click away in my web browser...there are several good sights. Then to get a total, I open my "calculator" which I also keep on my "desktop".

This has proven to be so quick and convenient..far more so than doing it by hand on paper. At the end of a day I transfer my calorie total to another document that I also keep on my desktop so that I can see at a glance what my daily calorie intake has been for a week or a month.

I generally delete each day's food journal entries, but they could be printed out, or saved to another word document until there was a weeks worth or months worth and then printed for future reference or menu ideas.

I've had my computer for a long time and only recently thought of doing this. Thought I'd share it in case you hadn't thought of it.
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