" For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. " Song of Solomon

January 6, 2011

Shocked, Stunned, Saddened

Edit:   Be sure to read the post below this one for the URL to Margie's other blog.  There you will find some information about what happened following the accident.

In the blog world I have made some blog friends.  Even though we've never met they are real people to me and I become invested in them through their sharing of themselves and their life via their blogs.

Once such blog friend I met via her blog "My Healthy Living Through Weight Control" (you'll see it in my sidebar and note it has not been updated for 2 or more months) --Margie--was an inspiration to me.

She asked the question 'would you like for me to post my daily food intake".  I responded that I would and she did.

And that is when I realized that I was eating way too much food.

Each day I looked forward to her postings.  Then I discovered she had another blog--one about herself  and Bruce, her husband, and their travels in their RV, along with their 'furry kid' Annie the schnauzer.  The three of them lived full time in their RV.

So I began to read it as well.  Vicariously I got to travel to all the places Bruce and Margie traveled to.

And then one day she did not post...several days passed and no post on her food blog, so I went to her RV blog.

There I found a post labeled "posted by Margie" which said that her parents had been hit by a car and killed instantly while out walking.  And that they were having a hard sad time adjusting.

I reasoned that her parents were probably at least 80-ish and thought while it was sad and very tragic that at least they gotten to go together.  And I assumed in a month or so Margie would get back to posting regularly again.

But she didn't.  There was a post or two on the RV blog but none on the food blog.

And those posts on the RV blog didn't make sense.  They said that they were taking care of Annie and it seemed odd to have her living with them full time since their parents' death.

So I went back and reread--yesterday--3 months after the fact, thinking-- "I know you are saddened by the loss of  your parents Margie but they lived a good life and they were elderly and it was their time to go and they got to go together"--when the reality sunk in. 

It was Margie and Bruce who were killed!!    Margie was 59, Bruce was 63.  They were out for one of their lovely routine morning walks when a 19 year old whose 17 year old girlfriend had broken up with him was upset and wanted to do himself harm and drove off the road, through a fence at speeds of 100 mph and hit my blog friend and her husband killing them both on the spot.

They never knew what hit them.  They had no clue of the impending doom and death.

Margie and Bruce woke up that morning like they did every morning.  They had no idea that an activity as innocent and harmless as a morning walk would be the death of them.

I am saddened and stunned.  And shocked that they are both gone.  How can this be?  And poor little Annie must be sad too.  She was loved by them, their constant companion and friend.

And Bruce and Margie's children and grands--how difficult this all must be for them as well.

It was their daughter Stephanie who posted on Margie's RV blog about the death of her parents.  Somehow I missed that it was Bruce and Margie.  I still can't believe they are gone.

They went together, doing an activity they loved, and now they are with their Savior and God.

Rest in peace Bruce and Margie.  We will miss you.  You impacted my life and the  lives of all those you met and loved.

And the take away from this? We have an appointment with death, and it is sure.  When we least expect it the end may come.  Make the most of these minutes you have today.
"....there have been many times when I have shed bitter tears, when if I had understood the situation better, I would have celebrated my good luck instead."


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