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September 4, 2010

Make Your Own Tea Rusks

I usually buy mine at the Indian grocery.  But I no longer live close to one, so I make do with an easy home version.

This idea is not original--I got it from the website "Show Me The Curry".    There's a link on my sidebar if you're interested.  I love Indian food and could eat it everyday.

The short of it is this--you'll need:
  • one package of hot dog buns
  • margarine spray--I use Parkay...you can use real butter too if you prefer
  • a very small amount of white sugar
Here's the method:

Cut all you hot dog buns in half with a kife, then break them apart at the 'fold'.  You'll have 4 pieces from each bun.  Spray each piece with the margarine spray.  Then sprinkle each with a tiny amount of granulated sugar.

On a baking ban place them in a pre-heated 275 degree oven, sprayed side up,  and bake for one hour.  Remove and allow to cool, than store in the hot dog bun bag they came in.

Why do I eat these instead of toast?  For some reason I can eat these as is but I can't eat dry toast. And I don't like sprayed toast unless it has jelly first, followed by spray.  But sometimes I don't want my toast sweet.  And-- these rusks are very crisp which makes me think I'm eating a food with substance.  It seems like I am  getting 'more'.

As well, they are not a trigger.  Hot buttered toast is a trigger food for me and way too tempting to eat...one slice could easily lead to two, then three and likely 4.  No danger of that with tea rusks. 

Recognizing your trigger foods is very important.  You should only eat foods you really enjoy--but it is safest to avoid triggers.  Choose wisely.

Tea rusks are my morning staple, accompanying my goat cheese with honey and nuts and hot coffee with a big splash of 2% milk.  Love it.
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