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December 27, 2008

Skillet Full of Yummy-ness

Just when I was wondering what I'd fix for supper tonight I came across this recipe for Easy Thai Supper on one of my favorite blogs: Pleasantview Schoolhouse. Having stockpiled several cans of coconut milk it was perfect because I've been thinking I need to use some of it before it expires.

I didn't have any ground sirloin nor did I have tamari, jasmine rice or peanuts. But I did have ground turkey, soy sauce, regular rice and cashews. I can't imagine it being any tastier than it turned out.

My own tweaks were to add some powdered chicken broth to the water and some finely sliced raw celery on top of each serving for some crunch. To give it eye appeal I sliced the carrots on the diagonal. And clean up was easy since it was cooked in one pan.

Husband especially liked it. I will be making it again and since it uses so many pantry items that I keep on hand, and because I always have some ground turkey in my freezer it will be served often.

Note: I buy the small cans of coconut milk (they look like the 6 ounce tomato paste cans) which is the perfect size for half of this recipe. When they are not available I use half of the larger can and freeze the other half. It will keep several months in the freezer. I thaw it in the microwave on about 50% power and give it a good stir --to reincorporate the fat which separates from the liquid-- before adding it in.

A steaming cup of hot green tea goes nicely with this dish.
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